Monday, September 3, 2007

Absolutely pointless

CAPITAL LETTERS ARE FUN AREN'T THEY? I SUPPOSE THAT SOME MAY THINK THAT I'M SHOUTING BUT I'M NOT. THE LETTERS ARE JUST BIGGER. NO SHOUTING HERE AT ALL. IN FACT, I'M NOT EVEN TALKING. I WAS THINKING ABOUT CAPITAL LETTERS AND I'M CONCERNED THAT THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND BETWEEN UPPER AND LOWER CASE LETTERS. THERE SHOULD BE A GREY AREA BETWEEN THE TWO, A MIDDLE CASE IF YOU WILL. Okay so maybe that's not possible or even necessary, but let me ask you this, what about silent u's. It like Q isn't enough by itself without the silent U to stop it from rolling over and falling off the sentence. If there is a place in this world for silent letters then we could make some space or middle case letters, that's all I'm saying.



Heather Wade-Taylor said...

What the hell is this mindless rambling? I love you honey, but this whole post somehow reminds me of a "Gilmore Girls" dialogue. heeheee

Heather Wade-Taylor said...

CRICKY!!! I think it might be time for a new post!

Anonymous said...

Well, how long did it take you to notice you had a new comment on your blog? Why have a blog if you don't blog? Who do you think will be the first to blog again, you or your brother?