Saturday, August 18, 2007

Woodsy's Music

I've always been a fan of Woodsy's music. I've taken lessons there as well as purchased a bass guitar and various chords, strings, picks etc. Though it had been some time since my last visit I found myself once again surrounded by more drums, guitars, & keyboards than I could ever play. Heather had me play the bass of my dreams which was an American made Fender precision bass, it was Eric Clapton green and sounded like I think bass guitars in heaven ought to sound. Heather took some good pictures of me playing it while sweating like a beast due to the awesomeness of the bass and also the malfunctioning AC in the store.
Using the gift card given to me last X-mas by BJ & Marie (thanks guys), I purchased a decent power chord with the cool fabric liner, (it's metallic green) and a set of bass strings (Fender round wound nickle-plated). Immediately after I got home, I set up and restrung my bass, and it sounds great again. My bass sounds like it did when I first brought it home. Rock on!!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

more cheese please

If cheese and applesauce ruled the world, Lily would be queen.