Thursday, March 29, 2007

The many names of me.

It's funny to think of how many names I've gone by over the years. In the days of my early childhood, I was nicknamed Squeak, or Squeaker, or even Squeakers, but never Squeakiest. This was a name given to me by my grandfather apparently due to my squeaking.... Then it was Peep or Peepers for a while. A long while in fact, it wasn't until junior highschool football when coach decided while standing behind a "football dummy" as I tackled it and him in the same flying leap that I should be called The Big Kahuna. This was a cool name but it got old and thankfully enough it became lost in the chronicles of time. Anyway, I eventually became Big T (which means all my friends call mom Mrs. T.....which is priceless), and have been called that for some time. I think I'll stick with this one, it just works. As long as I'm not expected to sport a mohawk and say, I pity the fool all the time that is. Cause thats just not me baby.