Saturday, March 1, 2008

For and Against --The List--

There are certain things in life that we can take or leave without caring much one way or the other like rainy weather or the chinese. But then again there are some things that we are either all for, or totally against. The following is a list of things probably totally unrelated to one-another, listed in too catagories. For it..... or Against.

Lifetime Network ---- AGAINST Golden Girls, Designing Women..... need I say more?
DVR ---- I'M FOR IT! Never again will I have to watch commericals...YAY
Wet Socks ---- AGAINST I've been programed since birth to hate wet socks
Calls from Mom ---- I'M FOR IT! What can I say, I love my Mommy
Calls from telemarketers ----AGAINST They invade the sanctity of my home!
Cops - The show ---- I'M FOR IT! What a great show, can't get enough of it!
Speakerphone ---- AGAINST That's right I said it, down with speakerphone!
Christmas with the fam ---- I'M FOR IT! What a wonderful time of year
Working on Christmas ---- AGAINST Definately the worst way to celebrate Christmas